Roller Coaster

Sometimes life is like a roller coaster.  I’m ready to get off!

Last year my health was full of surprises.  I had a breast cancer scare in May.  Turns out it wasn’t cancer.  From the stress of trying to get job responsibilities covered at church and work before I left the country for a mission trip to Thailand, I ended up with shingles. They were on my face, in my hair and had settled in my jaw and neck.  This was two weeks before leaving for Thailand.  Talk about panic!  Here I’m preparing to leave to work with children and I hadn’t been cleared by the doctor.  Naturally, its always one thing after another, right?!  So I think the shingles went in my eye.  From the doctor on to an eye doctor, she tells me it’s an eye infection.  So I have to use two different types of drops for two weeks and I can’t wear contacts.  This is just great!  My glasses are out dated.  I can barely see with them on!  Some things you just have to deal with I guess!

As I’m wrapping up things at church, work, home and doctor visits, I am finally packed for this trip!  We left June 14th.  On the way there I get a severe migraine!  We land in Seoul, Korea and I am dizzier than a bat!  We still had several more hours to fly until we arrived in Thailand.  We get there and after the first few days I begin to run a temp.  I start to feel like I had been ran over.  I rest as much as I can.  We set up to teach children vacation bible school.  The days are long and it is hot!  We were inside a hotel but the rooms weren’t cool.  During the evening we would walk to the night market and get a ride back on a tuk tuk.  Most days I would sleep through dinner.  Finally, the last day my migraine goes away.  We begin to fly home and I am still feeling very ill.  My daughter Kelcey went on this trip also.  She starts running a temp on the flight home.  We land in Chicago on June 25th and have to drive 4 1/2 hours to get home!  After we are home we both go to the doctor.  He thinks Kelcey contracted malaria.  So he runs tests on her and wants to check me also.  We waited several days and the results were both negative.  He doesn’t know how to treat us for this Asian virus we contracted.  So for several weeks I am resting, doing a lot of sleeping.  I start to feel a little better but I guess from all of the laying, my back goes out!  Yeah, I know!  So, for two weeks I can’t walk!  I continue to see a chiropractor and it begins to get better.

I had a surgery scheduled for the end of July the day after my daughter had a tonsillectomy.  Oh boy!  Never will I ever scheduled surgeries back to back like that with anyone in the family if I can help it!  It took several weeks to get back on my feet.  She had a hard time with pain so we were in and out of hospitals trying to get her pain under control!

I come back to work and things are getting better.  All of a sudden in August I start having difficulty with my asthma and breathing.  I go see my Pulmonologist and he begins to run tests on me.  After a month of testing-x-rays, pulmonary function tests, CT scan, blood work etc, I receive a call from the nurse at the Dr.’s office on Monday, October 20th.  She says they found a nodule on my thyroid a little bigger than a quarter.  She sets me up to have an ultrasound done.  I prayed and prayed!  I felt like God was telling me it’s cancer.  On that Wednesday, He prepares me and tells me the results will not be good.  I go in on that Friday to get the results and the dr says I have to have a needle biopsy.  They want to make sure it’s not cancer.  For some reason I am at peace with this!

So, November 7th I go in to have my biopsy.  They said I would get my results back in a week.  I wait, and wait and wait.  Still nothing.  I called my nurse and she contacts Barnes.  They finally fax over the results.  She calls and says that the results are inconclusive.   I begin to read to see what may have caused this.  The article said that there may have been too much blood or not enough tissue gathered.  Okay, now what!  My doctor tells me that I need to see an endocrinologist and the soonest I can be seen at Barnes is April.  UGH!  (I am not a patient person!)  I take my rant to social media and one of my friends who I went to New Orleans on a mission trip tells me she works at an endocrine dr’s office!  The following Monday, I call to see when I can get in.  By this time it is the week of Thanksgiving.  I schedule an appointment with her for the following week.

As I am hoping and praying she tells me she will remove it and have it tested, she tells me I need to have another needle biopsy.  It has already been a month so I have to wait two more months.  That’s not the answer I wanted to hear.  So, she says if this biopsy comes back inconclusive she will refer me to a surgeon and have it removed and tested.  She wants to spare me from having a risky surgery if she can.  I understand but I am frustrated at this point.

My biopsy is scheduled for February 12th!  Praying that there will be clear solid results.  I have constant pain in my neck where it is located.  It hurts to swallow, talk, eat and turn my head.  I have had a cough for 16 months due to where it is located.  I know that God will be with me whether it is cancer or if it is benign.  I want to serve Him.  Do you know how hard it is to serve when every day you are in constant pain?  I know that Jesus sympathies with me because he suffered for me.

Please keep me in prayer as I continue on this journey!  I will keep fighting and serving until my last breath!

   “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27


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