When Should Christians Judge?

Seeing God's Breath

“Never!” Some say that Christians must never judge. However, the New Testament commands judging. “Where? And if so, how could that be?” Turn to the words of Jesus. Christians are to be followers of Christ and not the followers of culture’s “tolerance.” Christ commands His followers to gently restore those who go astray and often believers who attempt to do this are met with the words, “You can’t judge me!” Is this not a double standard to judge those who are judging? However, many people are right to confront those who judge them unjustly as those do who are prejudice.

What does it mean to judge someone? The Greek word for judging in the New Testament is krino. This word simply means to determine and discern something. Yes, this is the word that Jesus used when He spoke of judging. Judging is an unavoidable part of life. All of…

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